Thursday, 3 September 2009


The reviews of our 'LP:2' have been fantastic, we're blown away by the responses. Here's a sample of some of it:

Irish times ****: 'The cocktail of Some Song's unflinching spoken word, the heart-wrenching Dadaist tone poem woven through Richenbach Falls and undulating gem Hi-Beam Blue lend LP: 2 an air of haunted madness...'

The List: 'A vivid, varied collection of quite beautiful melancholia throwing in freak folk, surreal cabaret and post rock tones'...


Alternative Ulster: '...a moody and evocative mini-masterpiece.... Full of loss longing and hope. A record to remind us that while life can be sad, it is also fraught with great beauty.'...

Shakenstir ****1/2 'LP:2 is no ordinary album. It creates pictures of sadness, life and death which are so graphic that in the still of silence that follows the music's completion, one just remains motionless in thought. Certainly in my experience, this seldom happens. LP:2 is a genuinely moving and unique musical experience.'...

Music News: **** Few artists can produce music of such variety and complex layering without creating a lightweight 'dilettante' effort and similarly there are very few albums that have you hanging on, waiting for the next twist or veering direction.
Oskar are a depiction of the way forward for modern, intelligent music; they reward effort and they have created something that, in parts, is really wonderful....

Stool Pigeon: **** 'Dadaist poetry, sonorous cellos, echoing electronica, post rock, pop and Krautrock... an album which is never less than fascinating; and often moving.'

The Beat Surrender: **** 'Such is the standard that they set once again on LP:2 that I really couldn't choose between either of their releases if asked to pick a favourite or stronger album.'...

Music OMH: **** 'The ear is continually indulged, and occasionally tested - but frequently rewarded.'...

Bearded Magazine: 'It may have been five years since ex-Strangelove member Nick Powell and Collapsed Lung mainstay Jonny Dawe teamed up for their OSKAR debut album 'Air Conditioning' but this follow-up is brilliant enough that you may forgive them. Fabulous.'

Drowned In Sound 'A typical song finds the cool, glacial canvas of Powell's quiescent piano layered in textures running the whole gamut of spine-tinging; - half heard mutters, bows of feedback, quiet, nagging distortion; second album LP2 adds a bit more breadth to their minor key core sound...the band's music hovers in that magic spot where melancholia blooms into sensual uplift.'...

17 Seconds: 'the iTunes player says 'Unclassifiable' and it's absolutely right. Because some tracks are gorgeous and lush, while others sound like the soundtrack to a nightmare, or possibly a nervous breakdown.'...

OSKAR's LP:2 was released on Monday.

You can get it on itunes, Amazon, 7Digital and all the usual suspects as a CD or a Download (we recommend the CD as it has a cool cover).

Check out the earlier blog for some reviews. More to come.

Write to us and let us know what you think of it. We think it's our best stuff by far... but we would!


Saturday, June 20, 2009

OSKAR BBC interview
Nick and Jonny will be interviewed by Tom Robinson on 'Introducing' with Tom Robinson on BBC radio 6 Tomorrow night 12 midnight- 3 am, or you can find it online afterwards at
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Saturday, June 20, 2009

OSKAR LP:2 reviews in!!
Here's some links to reviews of the album and an article written by Nick as a guide around the album...we're delighted by the reponse. Don't forget it's released on Monday in shops (well, a few...) and online at all the usual places. If everyone buys it next week, we can really make that extra push and go straight in at No 1!

Yes, at long last our second LP is ready for release and will come out on CD and digitally on June 22nd. We think it's brilliant.

It's called 'LP:2' and I've been trying (and failing) to upload the artwork onto our myspace page. Here is the press release, I hope it wets your appetite:

OSKAR - 'LP: 2' cd/lp
Released on June 22nd 2009 - Incarnation Records

FRIDAY, APRIL 24, 2009

OSKAR has created an installation piece as part of Suspect Culture's STAGE FRIGHT exhibition at Glasgow's CCA. The theme of the exhibition is the relation between visual art and theatricality, and among the other contributors are our longtime friends 'The Max Pactory' as well as director Graham Eatough, playwright David Greig and artist Luke Collins.

Our piece is an automated scene changer. I will post up some photos but it needs to be witnessed moving and making noises to be truly appreciated... you can hear about the exhibition on Youtube.

The exhibition runs until May 23rd.